Marvel fans who took things too far


Sure, plenty of real bad guys use the Spider-Man mask to do bad things, but they aren’t the only ones using it. In 2015, 62 year old Kevin Gordon-Prior allegedly broke up a brawl between somewhere around 30 or 40 people in Ardwick, a district of Manchester in northwest England. And he did it dressed as Spider-Man.

Gordon-Prior was known around the area as a fixture at local events who would dress up as Spider-Man to entertain the crowds. It was after one of these events — the opening a new community center in Ardwick — when Gordon-Prior saw the brawl start.

According to Gordon-Prior, he called the police to report the fight, then approached the brawlers in full Spidey regalia. He said many of the brawlers were stunned, not knowing what to make of a man in a Spider-Man suit in the middle of the melee. Gordon-Prior said when some of the brawlers looked like they were going to attack him, he stopped them by yelling, “999 — the police are coming!” three times.

By the time police arrived, Gordon-Prior said, all of the brawlers were gone.

Gordon-Prior claimed this wasn’t even close to the first time he’d used the costume to stun criminals into better behavior. He claims to have performed over 40 citizen arrests since he was 18.

Two years earlier Gordon-Prior had made news after he revealed the Spider-Man uniform under his clothes to a man who was allegedly abusing a shopkeeper. 

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