The untold truth of Savitar


Savitar’s legacy didn’t quite end with the end of Dead Heat, though. In 1999, after Wally West was apparently killed fighting a villain named Cobalt Blue, a new, darker Flash made his appearance in Central City. The mystery of who this new Flash could be ran for months, and was especially intriguing since he revealed himself to other characters — but not the reader — only to have him reveal that he was someone they’d trust implicitly. Finally, fans got the shocking revelation when it turned out that the all-new, all-different Flash was… Wally West. Sort of.

See, while our own Wallace West had been Flash since he took over from Barry Allen in 1987, this was Walter West — a version of Wally from another dimension who took a much more hard-line approach to the criminals of his world. After losing his fiancée in a battle against a villain called Kobra, Walter started taking out criminals, permanently. He even murdered Savitar, but not before he fooled him into thinking that he wanted to be one of his disciples. With that, Walter was able to learn all of Savitar’s secret techniques for controlling speed — stuff that Wallace never figured out on his own.

Until the two Wallies West wound up briefly merging into one, giving the regular Flash — who hadn’t actually died — the knowledge of his counterpart’s speed tricks, and helping Walter regain his senses long enough to realize that he could do more good by taking over for his presumed-dead counterpart in the regular DC Universe until the genuine article came back. We’d say “it’s not as complicated as it sounds,” but, well, in this case, it actually is.

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