Game trilogies that will sadly never be completed


Before WarcraftDiablo, and Overwatch, there was The Lost Vikings. In 1992, Blizzard Entertainment’s lovable action platformer took the innovative approach of giving the player control over all three Viking heroes, rather than making him select one at the start of the level. Each Viking had different abilities, and levels were carefully designed so that no particular one of them could get to the end of the level alone: all three had to work together for them all to succeed. Filled with vibrant art, slick animations, and endless creativity, The Lost Vikings was a taste of what Blizzard had in store in the decades to come.

The Lost Vikings II followed in 1997, again from Blizzard for the Super Nintendo, though later ports were changed significantly. The sequel didn’t change all that much, keeping the same basic format and premise. The Vikings did get some new equipment to expand their abilities, and also gained new allies in the form of a werewolf and a dragon. It was another charming game and remains a classic among Blizzard fans. 

But this was 1997, and Blizzard simply had bigger fish to fry. Warcraft and Diablo were burning up the sales charts, and StarCraft was in production. With the colossal success of these titles, the studio never turned back to their three Viking friends, leaving their adventures to rest forever.

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