Games that are going to blow everyone away in 2019


In 2016, the newly founded development studio Campo Santo released Firewatch, an adventure game set in the Wyoming wilderness. As Henry, voiced by Mad Men’s Rich Sommer, players trekked through the woods in order to solve a murder. Firewatch isn’t just a great mystery story, though. Its voice acting is killer, and its art is so pretty that it’s constantly being stolen by other businesses.

Can Campo Santo strike gold twice? In 2019, we’ll find out. That isn’t to say that In the Valley of the Gods is a Firewatch knock-off, of course. Instead of taking place in a quiet forest, In the Valley of the Gods’ action unfolds in Egypt in the 1920s. Instead of investigating a potential conspiracy, you’ll be tomb raiding, Indiana Jones-style, in search of hidden treasures…or, at the very least, a great movie. In the Valley of the Gods’ official Steam page notes that you’ll have a “an authentic 35mm film camera” that you’ll use “to document the world and story around you.”

But like Firewatch, In the Valley of the Gods really hinges on the relationship between its two protagonists. You play Rashida, a disgraced treasure hunter, and your companion is Zora, your former partner. There’s some history there, and it’s not good. As you explore, Zora will be right beside you, assisting you with puzzles and keeping you out of trouble. 

The dynamic relationship between Henry and his boss, Delilah, was the heart of Firewatch, but Rashida and Zora look like they might give Campo Santo’s first duo a run for their money — and, unsurprisingly, the art design looks pretty nifty, too.

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