Movie franchise finales that totally sucked


In a film series that seems to take pride in spitting on its source material, the sixth Resident Evil-less Resident Evil film purports to be the end of the line for the most disrespectful adaptation to date. As far as that claim goes, we can only hope the studios mean what they say by the title The Final Chapter.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter drops the ball on nearly every front. For starters, it completely forgets to fulfill its narrative obligations from the previous movie, leaving the stories of Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Jill Valentine unfinished. These glaring omissions are made even more egregious by the story that is present, the likes of which is entirely devoid of originality or intrigue. Beyond that, audiences also have to suffer through RE:TFC‘s near-endless gauntlet of overblown CGI fight scenes, their tedious and pointless nature serving as just one more strike against the film. And, in case those two massive red flags didn’t sink the movie by themselves, the film’s headache-inducing editing style makes sure to sully whatever shreds of a good film might’ve remained. In short, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is an absolute mess — it ignores what few remaining (and life-saving) ties it had to its source material and doubles down on the same cinematic schlock it’s been losing critics over since the very first movie.

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