The greatest fight scenes in the MCU


As great as the Avengers’ throwdown in New York was, let’s not pretend its glory came from heroes like Iron Man or Captain America. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking Hawkeye, with his Robin Hood parlor tricks, was the star of the show. And Black Widow? Nah, she didn’t do anything that special. These characters were all fine, sure, and we paid them their due above, simply because it would’ve been rude to do otherwise before we arrived at the real champions.

These two mystery contenders and their absolutely glorious brawl have, and will, reign supreme over the MCU fight scene hill today, yesterday, and tomorrow, and it’s highly unlikely Infinity War will feature anything capable of dethroning the moment these two titans of war chose to go at each other. Who could it be, you ask? What two MCU characters gave us the fight of the century, the one hidden away behind this elaborate, multi-paragraph veil of secrecy? Well, at long last, it’s time to reveal the winner of this whole competition. The characters: Thor, the God of Thunder, and the Incredible Hulk. The fight scene: when Hulk one-punches Thor offscreen. It’s brutal. So brutal. Brutal enough to oust every other fight on this list from their shot at being number one. Seriously, a big green dude, in one hit, declares ownership over a deity that controls storms. Thanos has no clue what he’s about to go up against.

(We’re joking, of course. Nevertheless, it’s still a great scene with some serious punch. Heh.)

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