The most incredible wilderness survival stories ever


We often hear stories of the animals in Australia that want us dead. For Ricky Megee, however, no Australian critter was worse than Australia itself.

As detailed in The National, in January 2006 Megee was driving through Australia’s Northern Territory. Three men waved him down, claiming they had no gas. In fact, they had no scruples, being robbers who slipped a drug into Megee’s drink, robbed him of virtually everything while he was passed out, and threw him in a shallow grave to die.

Once Megee awoke, he was alone, had no working phone, no water, no food, no shoes, and no hope. After two days, he was forced to start drinking his own urine, and didn’t eat anything until the fifth day. He eventually found a dam with water and such culinary delights as raw frogs, lizards, and leeches. Later, after several rounds of heat exhaustion and dehydration, he found a better dam with more water. He stayed there for almost two months, but man cannot live on tiny insects alone, and Megee began to waste away. Everything from getting water to simply waking up and walking around took massive effort.

Finally, after 71 days, Megee was rescued by nearby station-hands, who just happened to be surveying the area. By that time, he had dropped from 230 pounds to a skeletal 99 pounds, making his survival nothing short of a miracle.

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