Upcoming game sequels you didn’t know were being made


The Bayonetta series, famous for its title character with the deadliest hair since Medusa, seemed like it might’ve been done after two installments. While the original game (available across multiple platforms) sold like crazy, the sequel became exclusive to the Wii U. As a result, the game made far less of an impact at retail. Even hardcore fans would be forgiven for thinking the series would go no further.

And yet, in December 2017, Nintendo announced Bayonetta 3, with no release date (or gameplay details) as of yet. Interestingly, like its predecessor, Bayonetta 3 will be exclusive to Nintendo, this time on the Switch. Only time will tell if console exclusivity will create yet another…hairy situation for the franchise’s sales success.

Nintendo also announced the two previous Bayonetta games are being ported to the Switch, which could help the franchise two-fold. For one thing, long-time fans will get everything they love on one convenient console. Plus, this convenience will give new fans a chance to immerse themselves entirely in the series, which will hopefully make Bayonetta the iconic hero she ought to be.

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