Video games that sent people to the hospital


If video game mishaps can bench buff, badass ballers and ball-players, chances are they can do a number on you — especially if you’re a 15-year-old kid with a penchant for neglecting to hydrate in between deathmatches. But a certain young Call of Duty fan must have missed that memo. In August 2010, Ohio teen Tyler Rigsby sat down to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for four days straight, taking breaks to hit up the kitchen for snacks and showering intermittently. 

Rigsby’s aunt told NBC4 that, on the fourth or fifth day of his gaming bender, she and Rigsby’s mother heard a sudden “thump.” Tyler had collapsed on the floor, unresponsive, skin pale and lips blue (via the Daily Mail). Apparently, Rigsby had suffered from severe dehydration, which caused his blood volume and blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels, restricting the oxygen to his brain and causing him to pass out. Fortunately for the wounded young warrior, paramedics were able to quickly treat him, attaching an IV drip to his arm and returning his blood volume to normal levels.

We’re glad Rigsby’s doing better, and we can’t help but feel for the guy. Following his stint at Columbus, Ohio’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital, his mother promptly pulled the plug on his favorite hobby — for the time being, at least. “The Xbox is gone,” she said, adding, “this was a close call.”

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