TSS-803 The Animal Swappers

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– by Carlotta Graham


Chapter 1
Karen Edwards lay prone across the king-size double bed on her belly, her arms bent at
the elbows, her beautiful young face resting in her hands. Her shapely rounded
buttocks, covered only by a brief lavender bikini, jutted up proudly behind her at the
base of her long tapering back and her legs were bent at the knees, her ankles clapping
together in mid-air. The soft summer breeze blew the curtains aside and poured into
the room, whisking across her nearly naked back like the tender touch of a lover and
the sun slanted in to make golden stripes across the dark blue bedspread.
In front of her on the floor sat a black, short-haired Doberman pinscher, his pink
tongue hanging out of his mouth, the muscles of his sleek young body rippling through
his skin as he sat with his enormous limpid black eyes focused on the voluptuous
young body of his new mistress sprawled invitingly across her bed. His short stubbed
tail wagged slightly and his breath came pantingly as his long tongue continued to hang
out from the side of his mouth and he had the distinct feeling now that he would be
happy here.
Karen’s husband, Bill, had just left about half an hour before. He had come home with
the dog that morning, and with the news that he had been accepted by the L. H.
Delany Company, hired as their senior sales representative for the southern California
Bill, of course, had been delirious with joy. He had applied for this job several months
before, this one and several others because he felt stifled and confined in his present
salesman’s job with D. R. Mercer Company, a local sportswear manufacturer. He had
been with the company for five years and felt that by this time he should have been
making a lot more money and should have advanced beyond a mere local supervisor.
But, on the other hand, jobs were awfully hard to come by now and he hadn’t wanted
to leave only to join the ranks of the unemployed. So for several months he had been
quietly looking around for another job and now…
Karen stroked her chin with her finger, recalling the flushed look of jubilation on Bill’s
darkly handsome young face when he bounded through the front door barely an hour
ago. In one hand he held a bottle of chilled champagne, in the other the leash of the
short-haired young dog who now sat patiently by the bed. Bill had practically crushed
her into his arms, almost dropping the bottle of champagne.
“I’ve done it,” he said happily. “I’ve gotten a job with L. H. Delany – as Senior Sales
Representative for all of southern California, not just San Diego! And I’ll be selling the
whole line of clothes, not just pants and sweaters! Everything! Isn’t that marvelous,
“Y-yes,” Karen had blinked and stammered, her attention riveted on the husky animal
who sat patiently by Bill’s side. “Yes, that’s marvelous, darling. Really it is! I’m so happy
for you! But… darling… the dog… whose dog is that?”
“Oh! I nearly forgot,” Bill cried, putting the bottle of champagne on their small bar next
to the kitchen. “This is Captain. And he’s ours.”
“That’s what I said, dear. He’s ours. Don’t you like him?”
“Oh yes! He’s beautiful. It’s just that… well… you never wanted a dog before. I… well, I
don’t understand.”
Bill Edwards smiled and enfolded his wife in his arms, feeling the ample voluptuous
roundness of her breasts against his chest, his hands gently stroking her long blond
cornsilk hair. His eyes and his mouth laughed as he put his mouth against her neck and
left numerous small wet affectionate kisses there, feeling his cock surge into vibrant life
within the confines of his trousers. Yes, he loved this woman, there was no doubt about
that. He loved her and nothing would ever change that. He regretted that his job had
kept him away from home so much… and he regretted that this job would keep him
away on the road for even longer periods of time… weeks on end, perhaps as long as a
month at a time.
“It’s for you, baby,” he whispered into her ear. “It’s a watchdog for you to have while
I’m away. Remember last week when you told me about that friend of yours getting
attacked in her own house by a burglar?” Then Bill pulled back, stretching his arms out
and clasping his wife by her softly rounded shoulders, studying the sweepingly
curvaceous lines of her excitingly enticing body, knowing that any and every man who
saw it couldn’t help but want to slither his aching cock up into her voluptuously
inviting young cunt. “Well, I got to thinking. And the more I thought about it, the
more I didn’t like the idea of your being here ail alone while I’m away on these
business trips.”
“Oh, Bill,” Karen cried, “that’s so sweet of you!”
“Sweet? No, not sweet. Smart, baby, smart. You’re much too tempting, you know, to be
allowed to run around unprotected!”
Karen’s beautiful peachy complexion turned almost scarlet as she blushed coyly before
her husband. Yes, she knew she had an alluringly sensual body. She had known it for a
long time, ever since high school when all the boys had tried to convince her to steal
away with them into a dark corner at parties! And even now, although she was twenty-
two years old, still men always stared at her as she walked down the street, in the
supermarket, even at her office and sometimes it made her feel uncomfortable, as if they

were mentally undressing and seducing her as she went about her normal business!
Karen Edwards threw her arms around her husband Bill and pulled him closely to her,
whispering into his ear with hot, heavy breath, “Oh, Bill! You’re so wonderful to me,
darling! Oh, I do love you so!” Then her tongue pressed into the arch of his neck and
her hot pink tongue slid out between her full ruby lips to tickle his neck erotically,
teasing little circles up the side to his ear and tracing maddening little patterns around
that orifice. Her loins ached for him, and already that tell-tale moisture of aroused lust
began to seep down onto her creamy white thighs as she held him close and felt the
distinctive protuberance in his crotch.
“Oh baby, do I want you!” Bill exclaimed, his breath already ragged with desire. “But…
I can’t now. My new boss, John Bradley, is expecting me at the airport in twenty
“What? You’re leaving already?” Karen exclaimed, disappointed and frustrated, her eyes
wide with disbelief and her mouth wide also.
“Yeah. Sorry, Karen, I know it’s kinda sudden,” Bill apologized, breaking free of his
wife’s embracing clasp. “But you remember – I told you. This job would mean I’d have
to be away for six weeks at the start-”
“Six weeks! Oh, Bill!”
“-for that training program. The management training thing the company does. It’s
really a terrific deal!”
“Um, if you say so.”
“Hey, listen,” Bill said, trying to sound cheerful as he flung open drawers, pulling out

a yard where he could play and a need for a good, reliable, dependable watchdog.
But Karen could hardly believe that he was a ferocious animal – look at those eyes!
Why, they were almost human the way they stared pleadingly, almost lovingly at her!
Those soul-stirring big limpid pools had instantly melted the young blonde’s heart –
they were so… so human! And it was true, they did seem to get along well together
right from the start – the minute Bill had walked out of the door, the dog had come to
lick away the tears in Karen’s eyes! And when she spoke to him, he somehow seemed
to really understand every word she said!
“Come on, big fella,” she had said to him, taking him by the collar to lead him away
from the front door. “Come on and let’s you and I get acquainted.” Leaning down to
pat him, he had thrust his face into hers to lick her tears away with his long pink
tongue and Karen couldn’t help but laugh. And in response he had barked, not an evil,
angry bark but a playful, lighthearted one and again Karen found herself laughing at
his childish prankishness.
Karen was glad now that she and Bill had decided to buy this house just south of San
Diego. True, it was situated in a development, a rather large one, when Karen had really
wanted to find a nice quiet little place in the hills. But the terms were too good to pass
up, especially on Bill’s meager salary even when you added her own take-home pay
from her office job. And the house came complete with a small swimming pool in the
back yard and a fence all around so that she could enjoy all the privacy she wanted –
she could even sun-bathe in the nude by the swimming pool and often did! And the air-
conditioning! Boy, what a difference that made when she came home from a long day at
the office, hot and tired and feeling so incredibly dusty and disheveled! After spending
most of her life in the cooler mountain regions of northern California, the incredible
dry heat of San Diego was often overwhelming for the voluptuous young blonde and

she had cheered out loud when they discovered that the modest price of the house
included a pool and air-conditioning!
The blonde’s mind now drifted in its champagne haze back to her younger days in the
small Sierra town of Mountain Gap where she had lived with her mom and dad until
she went away to college. They had had a lovely little house there, nothing like this
place she and Bill had just bought. No, that one was an old wooden house built shortly
after the century, with big bay windows and spires and turrets and all the Victorian
gingerbread architecture that was so common in that age. And she had had a dog, then,
too. Scout! Ah, Scout was such a handsome fellow even if he was only a mutt! His long
brown hair hung down over his eyes and flowed down across his back and he followed
her around everywhere she went, even to school and every day after her last class he
was waiting by the schoolyard gate to walk her home!
Karen had always, of course, wanted to get out of Mountain Gap. Oh, it was a nice
town to grow up in, but by the time she reached high school she had become bored
with it, bored with its one small movie house, its one tiny luncheonette and its single
gas station. Of course, it was always fun in the summer to go climbing in the rugged
granite-gray mountains among the tall pine trees… and it wasn’t so bad in town, filled
with tourists on their way to, or from, Yosemite National Park. Still, it didn’t offer
much for a handsomely beautiful, voluptuous young blonde and so Karen had
welcomed the opportunity to go to college in San Diego.
It was during her senior year that she had met Bill. She had been drawn to him right
from the start, to his rugged beach-boy blond good looks, to his opal blue eyes, to the
faint wisps of blond beard that clung to his cheeks. His lithe, muscular body had
somehow looked much more virile and appealing than all the other boys, with its
deeply golden sun tan, with its strong young muscles rippling just beneath his skin each

time he moved. They had been sailing with a group of young people and afterwards
when Bill had offered her a ride home she had accepted without the usual reluctance
she felt when first approached by heretofore strange young men.
Yes, she had felt comfortable with Bill right from the start. And, of course, she had
consumed a good deal of wine that afternoon along with everyone else so when he
followed her into her apartment and sat down next to her on the couch, although she
had a distinct suspicion that he wanted to do more than talk… still, she didn’t object.
Not even when, a few nights later, as they were again sitting snuggled together on the
couch, Bill had begun to kiss her fervently on the mouth, sending his hot spearing
tongue into the warmly moist regions of her mouth with a blistering passion. Karen
could feel then a devouring flame of aroused longing burning through her veins as his
tongue lashed again and again into her soft-walled mouth, searching for her own
tongue and then engaging in a mock battle with it as he drew her seething loins close to
his. As his tongue continued its wet spearing assaults into her flame-licked mouth,
Karen could feel the wet moisture of her own inflamed passions seeping down the
tender flesh of her inner thighs and somehow when his eager young hands began
massaging the melons of her large, voluptuously filled breasts over her sheer summer
blouse, instead of pulling away as she had always done before with other men, she
pushed her erotically hardening nipples closer to him, grinding her loins lasciviously
against his thigh.
His tongue still stormed like lightning hotly into her own warmly inviting mouth and
newly-discovered sensations of helplessly burning desire swept through the young
blonde’s veins, igniting her passion with a flame she never knew possible. It was as if a
part of her personality had lain dormant all these years and was now suddenly
unleashed, flowing through her excited cunt and breasts like hotly seething molten lava
as she pressed her mouth tighter into his, pulling his curly blond head towards her with

eager hands to gather all of his hotly spearing tongue into the full warmth of her
willingly enveloping mouth.
And then, when his hand reached under her sheer blouse, unbuttoning the top two
buttons, and teased in beneath her scanty lace bra to tease maddening little circles
around the rose-hued tips of her quivering breasts, a new bolt of lightning shattered the
young blonde’s fragile resistance and ignited an unquenchable flame of lust-crazed
desire in her whirling mind and churning cunt. Again and again his fingers teased at
the ruby-crested caps of her luscious breasts, going from one to the other, back and
forth, back and forth over the erectly distended little buds until Karen nearly screamed
with uncontrollable passion.
Oh, it had felt so wonderful, especially when he dropped his moist hot lips down from
her mouth to the moon-shaped mounds of her breasts, where his tongue played in
tantalizing circles around the alabaster smooth flesh and the pink crowns of her nipples
over and over again. The aroused young blonde had not even felt Bill unclasping her
brassiere – all she knew was that now it had been eased up to her throat and his hotly
working mouth danced erotically from one bountiful breast to the other, hotly lapping
at the smooth-skinned globes until wave after wave of unparalleled desire burned
through every fiber of her young being with a fever she had never known before.
She felt, too, a heated excitement creeping up along her thighs as his hands now slowly
explored the virgin, smooth-fleshed territory with gently caressing fingers, slowly,
tantalizingly working up to the seething moist pink folds of her hair-lined cuntal
crevice. Oh, it was torture, excruciatingly pleasurable torture to feel his fingers slowly
creeping up along the satiny flesh of her inner thighs, ever-reaching towards the hotly
buried treasure that lay waiting for him between her hesitantly spreading legs. Finally
his probing fingers found their appointed destination, had slowly worked their way into

the moistingly passion-drenched folds of her enticingly warm cunt and when his
outstreched middle finger discovered the erectly throbbing tit of her sensitive clitoris, a
new leap of flaming desire burned through her loins and her hips began an involuntary
undulation against his enticingly exploring fingers.
Karen recalled now with a bitter, ironic laugh that it had been just as she was aroused
to a fever-pitch of passion that her roommate had walked in on them! Suzy had heard,
of course, the unmistakable sounds the minute she had walked in the door and her first
instinct, she had said later, was to turn around and walk out again! But of course, it was
already too late and the hotly aroused young couple on the couch had quietly kissed
good-night and that was that. Now Karen could laugh about that incident but at the
time she had gone to bed more frustrated than she had ever dreamed possible.
Later, she and Bill had agreed that it was a good thing Suzy had walked in just then
because they certainly would have gone all the way, roused to the heights of
impassioned desire that they already were. They had become engaged, in fact, the
following day and several months later they were married, happy that in the end Karen
had saved her virginal treasure for their wedding night. Oh, it had been difficult, they
knew, but in the end they thought it would be best. After all, Karen had been brought
up to believe that nice girls saved their virginity for their husbands and secretly Bill was
rather pleased that he had married an unspoiled, unsoiled virgin like Karen.
Karen’s reverie was now interrupted by a hotly lapping tongue licking at her face.
Opening her eyes, she saw that Captain had edged his way over to the bed and was
now gazing at her with unbridled affection in his limpid black eyes as he sat there
obediently awaiting her commands. She could hardly believe that this was supposed to
be a ferocious dog – those eyes, those helplessly loving eyes seemed too gentle, too
meek to ever be angry and vicious!

“Well, you big beautiful beast, would you like something to eat now?” she said, sliding
off the bed and slipping her sandals onto her feet.
Captain sensed the warm affection of his new mistress even if he was unsure exactly
what she meant by her words and he wagged his short Doberman tail excitedly. She
looked very much like his last mistress with her long golden hair shimmering down her
back and already the enormous dog was pleased with his new home.
“God, you are a friendly fellow, aren’t you?” his curvaceous young mistress asked,
reaching out to run her hand along the top of his head, her fingers curling
affectionately behind his ears. “I know you’re supposed to be a wickedly fierce watch
dog, but you seem so cheerful and carefree! Of course, I don’t suppose I’d want to mess
with you if you got mad… but somehow I don’t find you in the least bit frightening!
Isn’t that amazing!” The young blonde wife patted her new pet affectionately and felt
the hard muscular animal flesh ripple under her tender touch beneath his short dark
fur. Then, as she led the way into the kitchen, she watched as he pranced along behind
her like an animal on parade, tail wagging, tongue hanging rakishly out of the side of
his mouth, taut muscles rippling beneath his furred flesh. Through the bedroom door
and across the living room, then into the kitchen he followed happily, eagerly awaiting
whatever treat this beautiful new mistress had in store for him.
Once in the kitchen, she commanded him to sit and he obeyed. “Well, you’re a well-
trained young fellow, too, aren’t you?” she asked, smiling, as she took some left-overs
out of the refrigerator and put them into a large bowl for the massive dog. She stepped
back to watch the hungry animal devour the bowl-full of food, then she placed another
bowl of water on the floor and watched him lap eagerly at it.
“Good boy,” she said encouragingly as he licked up the last droplets of water from the
bowl. It was just then that his keen ears picked up a foreign sound… a door… it had just

opened and closed. The watch dog sprang from his mistress’s side and lunged towards
the front door, then stopped and stood rigidly, poised to defend his new mistress if the
intruder came any further. Angry animal growls reverberated around deep in his chest
and escaped through his teeth-barred lips.
“Karen! When did you get the dog?” her voluptuous brunette neighbor asked, frozen in
her place just inside the front door. It was Sally Thomas, her new next-door neighbor
with whom Karen had become very friendly over the past several weeks. Sally stood
there, immobilized, afraid to step even one step further as Captain tensed, his lips
pulled back to reveal the ragged line of his sharp teeth, growling now fully and
“Hey, call him off, ok? Before he bites me or something,” Sally exclaimed as she slowly
began to back up through the open door.
Karen crouched against the threatening dog, her breasts resting against his hard
shoulder and she stroked his head gently, slowly so as not to startle him. “Just stay
there and don’t move,” she said to her full-breasted, dark-haired neighbor as she
continued to pet her dog. “Hey, Captain, you’re a good boy, a good dog. But it’s ok.
You’re a good protector, old fellow, but this woman is my friend. It’s ok to let her come
in. Come on, let’s back up,” she continued soothingly, pulling the still growling dog
back into the living room. “It’s ok… c’mon, it’s ok, Captain.”
“Well,” said Sally, now growing more comfortable and more relaxed, “when did this
handsome young fellow come into your life?”
“Bill brought him home today,” Karen answered, forcing the dog to sit by her side as
she flopped down into a large, comfortable chair. “He wanted me to have a watch-dog
around because he’s away so often. But don’t worry – Captain won’t hurt you now. It’s

just that you’re a stranger to him and he’s been trained to be very wary of strangers!”
Karen looked down into the massive animal’s darkly warm eyes and soon she could see
that his anger and ferociousness had melted into the same calm affection and attention
he had displayed all afternoon since Bill had left. Yes, he really seemed to understand
and it was amazing that he had caught on so quickly!
“Captain, huh?” Sally ventured, holding her hand out timidly. Captain sniffed the
offering carefully, around the palm and fingers, and finally gave it an approving lick of
affection. “Well, I can see you’re a very intelligent fellow, Captain,” Sally added,
laughing and stroking the dog’s head. “Yes, a very, very smart fellow!”
“Yes, and very loveable and affectionate, too,” Karen responded. “We’re great friends
already, aren’t we, Captain,” she continued, reaching out so that now the faithful
companion was being stroked simultaneously by two voluptuously sweet-smelling
females. “I’m so glad Bill bought him. God, it’s been years since I had a dog! Back in
high school I had an adorable little mutt named Scout… and I’ve always wanted to get a
dog, but Bill said we couldn’t afford another mouth to feed.”
“Well, what made him change his mind, then?” Sally asked, her lovely sun-tanned
young body nearly bursting through the confining material of her short-skirted summer
“Remember that story you told me about Sandy Murdock being attacked by a burglar
in her own house?”
“Yeah, what of it?”
“Well, Bill got kinda worried. He’s away so much, you know, and he said he’d feel
better if I had a little protection around the house. He’s just left for that training

program – yes, he got the job with Delany – and he’ll be gone for six weeks. So…”
“Well, I’m glad to hear Bill got the job and,” she said provocatively, eyeing the
muscular torso of the short-haired dark Doberman, “I’m glad you’ve got Captain here
to keep you company and to keep an eye on you! And now, how about a cup of coffee
before the serial comes on TV?”
“Sure. Good idea!”

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