IKEA's New Bug-Filled Food Options Are Not for the Faint of Heart


We love IKEA for its commitment to food sustainability just as much as its budget-friendly, Scandinavian-inspired furniture. But as Cosmopolitan reports, three of its new dishes, the Dogless Hotdog, the Bug Burger, and the Crispy Bug Ball, may be reserved for adventurous eaters only. All three are served at the company’s Space10 food lab, which creates sustainable, often meat-free, “future-proof” dishes designed to “withstand the test of time and human’s environmental impact,” writes the magazine.

While consuming insects is standard fare in some countries (and even considered a delicacy), most of the Western world is still getting used to the idea of viewing insects as a food source. For that reason, dishes like the Crispy Bug Ball (pictured below) may be seen as unappetizing. Made with mealworms (read: beetle larvae), the dish was “designed to get people thinking about reducing their meat consumption, using local produce, and trying alternative proteins,” according to Space10.

The second dish, the Bug Burger, is made with beetroot, parsnip, potatoes, and a healthy dose of mealworms. Fair warning: The below Instagram carousel is not for the faint of heart (mealworms are heavily involved).

Finally, the Dogless Hotdog is made with glazed baby carrots and topped with beet-and-berry ketchup, mustard, and turmeric cream. While this all sounds innocent enough, the bun is made out of spirulina, a type of alga that is reportedly “reminiscent of pond water but quickly becomes an acquired taste.”

Would you try any of Space10’s new sustainable dishes? 

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