Not Sure Where to Travel Next? #MyDomaineTravels Has All the Answers


The world isn’t short of incredible new vistas and far-flung beaches, but bucket lists can get overwhelming. Too many choices don’t always make life easier—the paradox of choice can leave us paralyzed and incapable of making decisions—something we experience every day, whether we’re pondering over pasta brands in the grocery aisle or browsing for our next vacation destination. Today, we’re narrowing it down for you. We handpicked some of the most breathtaking images recently captured on our #MyDomaineTravels hashtag and spotlighted each traveler’s trip highlight. No need to spin the globe; your next travel destination awaits right here.

“Udaipur was one of my favorite stops in Rajasthan, India. We stayed at Taj Lake Palace—a brilliant all-white palace set upon the middle of a glimmering lake, with sweeping views over the City Palace (home to the brilliant blue room).” — Rhiannon Taylor, In Bed With
“Igloos are definitely a marvelous way to experience the northern lights if, of course, you’re lucky. I was not, but I can attest to the fact that hunting this impressive phenomenon every night was thrilling and infinitely more rewarding when I got to see it for the first time.” — Gabriela Teisu, I Am a Foodie Traveler
“I went to Tarragona on a day trip while I was living in Barcelona and immediately fell in love with the city! The highlight of my trip was getting to meetup with a family friend and seeing Roman ruins by the ocean. Amazing!” — Karen Farber, Little Black Shell
“The highlight of my trip would definitely be how friendly and warm the people in Bangkok were. Bangkok is known to many as a destination for cheap food and shopping, but once I stepped out of my comfort zone and explored the surrounding areas of Bangkok with the locals, I was able to experience the Thai culture in a whole other level.” — Sophie Leung
“The highlight of my trip was definitely the yatai food stalls that were along the river. Lightly veiled in tarp with no more than six to eight guests ordering a bowl of soupy ramen on a cold winter night, these places definitely hit the spot!” — Sam Wong, Sam Is Home
“This was my first trip to Crested Butte, and it was just as quaint and picturesque as I had imagined. We spent our time skiing at Crested Butte Mountain Resort and exploring downtown on Elk Street that’s lined with local shops and restaurants. Highly recommend visiting this beautiful little mountain town.” — Heidi Jewell
“Timber Cove, tucked into the rugged Northern California coast, is a gem. You hear the waves crash on the rocks, watch whales spout off shore, and lounge in a super-cool room designed by the Novagratz. You can’t go wrong.” — Erin Hiemstra, Apartment 34
“A few highlights of my trip included exploring the hidden waterfalls deep in the forests of Bali, and seeing the stunning natural formations of Broken Beach and the beautiful untouched coastlines of Nusa Penida. And finally, seeing the manta rays almost the size of speedboats from a cliff 50 feet above was really cool!” — Jean Mao, Jeanspiration
“Québec City is such a magical destination to explore! My favorite part of my travels was indulging my inner Francophile with a healthy dose of French food and culture without traveling across the pond. The charming city is comprised of cobblestone streets, quaint little cafés, and gorgeous weather depending on the time of year your visit. It’s a must-see!” — Jillian Attaway, Rhyme & Reason

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