The untold truth of the Big Show


After watching a few Big Show matches, it might seem all he can do is punch, chop, chokeslam, and roar. But that couldn’t be further from the truth: Show can wrestle about as well as anybody, he just never gets the chance.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Big Show discussed critics who think he can only do “giant” things like punch people in the face. While he may jokingly agree at times (because Show doesn’t take himself too seriously) the truth is he can actually wrestle. He, like every other wrestler, was trained to do moves like headlock takeovers, hammerlocks, wrist tosses, and other foundations of a basic wrestling match. While he may not be on Bret Hart’s level, he absolutely could put on a wrestling clinic.

The problem, as he explains, is since he’s a giant, it rarely makes sense to show off his scientific wrestling skills. If he’s facing someone smaller than him (and he usually is), it makes more sense for his character to wallop them. So he appreciates when he faces someone his size who can also grapple, like Braun Strowman or Kane, and they can make each other look like more than giant chunks of sweaty anger.

Not only can Show wrestle, he can fly, too. Check the above video, where the 400-plus pound Show throws a mean dropkick. That’s like a moose that can both gore and divebomb you.

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